Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kahlua and Caramilk Cheesecake Recipe

1 Oreo Cookie Crumb Crust (prepared from recipe on box)
8 ounces cream cheese
1 small container Cool Whip
1/4 cup Kahlua
2 large Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bars

Press crumb crust into an 8- or 9-inch springform pan.Beat the cream cheese and Kahlua. Fold in the Cool Whip.Chop 1 1/2 bars of the Caramilk bars. Fold into the cream filling.

Pour into an 8- to 9-inch springform pan (containing the Oreo cookie crust). Chill.Sprinkle remaining chopped Caramilk bars over top, lifting and dropping chocolate bits so that caramel drizzles out.

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